Children’s Clothing Trends For 2023

Children's Clothing Trends For 2023

Fashion trends pass and are often repeated many years later. Style is always subjective and personal to each of us, but trends guide us and inspire us when choosing new clothes. Parents want their children to look stylish, feel comfortable, and wear something that reflects their personality. Finding inspiration and trendy ideas from popular designers and brands is a great way to put together your child’s wardrobe. Using research and expert opinion, Kathryn’s team took a look back at the popular trends seen in 2022 and shared what she expects to be the next big trend in 2023. 

The sporty style is back

Children's Clothing Trends For 2023

Throughout 2022, many popular styles have returned, including sporty looks and classic contemporary styles. Certain patterns, such as nature-related prints and timeless stripes, have regained popularity. These trends are likely to continue into 2023, especially in new collections from many popular designers. The sports/leisure style used is particularly noticeable. Simon Large, e-her commerce manager at children’s clothing retailer Kathryns, said

“Stella McCartney is trending as always and will be a big hit in 2023.

Everyone wants a sporty off-duty look.” The sporty style is practical, comfortable, and perfect for kids any time of the year. Stella McCartney is a great designer who takes inspiration from this style. Many of her new season pieces include colorful tracksuits and fun sweatshirts. Children’s Clothing Trends For 2023

Trending designers to watch out for Children’s Clothing Trends For 2023

trend designer to watch Whether you’re shopping for branded clothing for your kids or not,

it’s easy to get inspired by trendy designer releases for the new year. Brands such as are trending in fashion for both kids and adults. Some of these designers have already released new collections for their Spring/Summer 2023 collections. Looking at these collections, we notice the following aspects:

Designs related to sports, cars and movies are featured in Dolce & Gabbana’s new children’s collection for 2023.

The girls collection has a lot of floral prints that are perfect for the warmer months.Kenzo is another designer that has released a floral theme collection for 2023, with a lot of 3D application styles.

This tells us that big floral patterns will be a huge trend for 2023.Gucci’s latest children’s collection includes a lot of denim and pastel tones, as well as preppy styles coming back around.

Simon added:’Missoni Kids launches this season and we have already seen a huge demand for this, so we expect it to be a very successful launch for Summer 23 season.

‘ The Missoni Kids new collection has already seen chevron patterns and stripes – great for the Spring/Summer months!

Overall, our research and expert opinions indicate an exciting year ahead for children’s fashion, with colourful prints becoming even more popular and sporty styles remaining trendy.

Judging by current collections that have been released, it appears that there are some fun and vibrant styles returning for 2023. Whether you enjoy shopping from designer brands or not, there are some great new collections to draw inspiration from. These collections are sure to inspire parents looking to refresh their child’s wardrobe with exciting items. 

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